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Saturday, February 25, 2012


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Ok everyone, my slacking days are FINALLY over.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 is coming to an end. Wishing all of you a very happy and better 2012. Most importantly, stay healthy and may everything goes well and smooth!!! <3

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Friday, December 23, 2011

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More pics to share from cousin's wedding! Ok no captions... lazy lol...

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

And so, 13-12-11 was my cousin's wedding~ (so many weddingsssss!!!! *excites*) Here wishing her all the love and happiness in her marriage =)))

Many photos are on facebook. Lazy to upload here. Lol. I must do important things first! Hahahahaha. It's gonna be X'mas, then 2012, then CNY soon!!! Omg omg omg.

And here's my nephew and moi!!!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here presenting to you my Dearest Friend's wedding held on 19-11-11!!!

Once again, congrats to both the bride and the groom!!! <3

Recent few months, or rather this year, there have been lots of weddings going on and friends' giving birth & so on. Come next month will be my cousin's wedding!!! Wedding again. Lol. Really one after another. Aiya, when you are in your 20s, or rather if you have friends in their 20s, must be mentally prepared for all these one. HAHA.

*Important thing to note before you scroll for photos: Whoever (be it strangers/ accquaintances/ friends' of friends) who happened to chance upon my blog, PLEASE do not circulate these photos around without my permission. Else I won't dare to upload any pictures of myself or my friends anymore! Sorry but I will be scolded so PLEASE KINDLY understand. As it is my dearest friend's BIG DAY, of course I would want to share her joy on my blog right?
Anyway, please see my efforts in writing "jess-lyn.blogspot.com" on every single photo lah (cos no PP lah so have to manually do one by one), so please do not STEAL any of the photos. Thank UUUUU!

Pictures of us- the 7 sisters! (still got one more not in picture, don't know where she ran to, she is very busy lah, have to help the bride, ya?)

Our evil tricks to the brothers! MUAHAHAHA


Our picture with the lovely bride <3

And my dear friend (the bride) was kind enough to let us (sisters) stayed for a night at Capella. Simply shiok to the maxxxx~~~

Ya, forgot to mention that the wedding was held at a ballroom at Capella =)))


TA-DAH! Here comes the evening dinner.... all the close friends, families & relatives were invited on this special day to share this special evening with the wonderful couple....

Me and Jasmine making use of time to take pictures (haha) while waiting for the bride to get ready for the night.

All the sisters, brothers, close friends, parents, siblings went up on stage to YUM~~~~~~- SENG! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT ON THIS WONDERFUL NIGHT!

Me with the bride's cousins and Patricia came together for some pictures! Patricia is basically a VVVV friendly lady. (I hate stucked up people) So those who hate Patricia and went to create a stupid page on fb for people who hate her, please get a life instead of wasting your time and efforts doing silly things. Who cares?

So this cousin of the bride in RED (also became a friend of mine years ago through the bride) is so vvvv tall can?! 174cm can you imagine??? Previously was 173 and she said she has grown again. She is my ONLY friend who is that tall! Ok, i am not short (169cm) but she is so WAYYYY taller! So i suddenly becomes very short when i am beside her. Abit not used to seeing pictures like this. Wahahaha. Not much chance in my lifetime i guess so it's good thing. =)))


Me with YiLing, another friendly lady =)))


The bride has hired a wonderful guy to be the photographer of the night- all the wonderful photos you are seeing below were taken by him! Instant one ok! Better than polaroid! Makes all of us pretty pretty =)))

The tea ceremony held at Capella- the groom's side. =)

Look at our mischievous smile on our faces- our aim for that gatecrashing session in the morning was to SABO the brothers!!! And finally the angbao we got is not small hor! The groom very the generous. Haha.

Lastly, pictures with the newly-wed. =) The bride is so fair (NICE!). As what her sister said, we look like SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DRAWFS in this picture. hahahahaha

I am very glad that my lovely friend of 13 years and counting, invited me to share this special moments with her. I am glad that because of her, I had enjoyed myself during the night and had made alot of wonderful friends there. The sisters are fun-loving of course! We became good good friends- anything also can talk one! By the way, my lovely friend is a manucurist and does great nails! If you need some pampering for yourself, do visit her blog at soqnails.blogspot.com =D (Aiyo she doesn't know i am recommending on behalf of her here, but you all can just say it's jesslyn's recommendation lah lololol)

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